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Dead Clerks Chapter 2

The characters again belong to not only Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball, but also Kevin Smith. If you have never seen Clerks, I highly recommend. Again using AB's version of Tara. Reviews and critiques are still welcomed. It will only help me to become a better writer. Rated M for very explicit, vulgar language

Chapter 2 - Video Store (Amelia),

*Don't ask me this is Sooks dream*

Hmm...I forgot to lock the door. Fuck!!! I walked in…didn't notice anything out of place. I shrugged my shoulders, and assumed the position. I hopped my ass on the counter, stretched out my legs, and started reading the Shreveport Times newspaper that I didn't pay for (heh). Flipping through the pages, looking in the society pages, I saw a pic of Sook's yummy ex-undead-Viking-boyfriend with some young-ass model smiling at her. Oh snap! Even though she broke up with him, she still cared about that walking corpse. Glancing out the window briefly, I saw the two loser vamps outside. I gotta tell her.

Ding! (Bell on the door)

I silently huffed. Fucking customers! Why can't they go to Blockbuster? Who gives a damn it’s the next town over? They have a broader collection than this shit. I looked at her over my paper. Selah Pumphrey. I hate that bitch. I could feel her snobby ass looking at me. Hell, even her Bob Mackie suit looked snooty.

“How can I help you?” I asked, expelling a puff of air and without looking up.

“Yes, I'm looking for a movie,” she said rather haughtily.

“What's the name?” I asked, flipping a page.

“Gone with the Wind. Are you not going to assist me?” she asked, getting annoyed with me. Fuck the skank.

“Check the classic section. It should be there,” I mumbled, thumbing a page.

“Well, aren't you going to get up?” Frustration at critical mass for this one. Her voice was shaky.

“Nope.” Oh snap! Pantera is going to be in Shreveport , must score tickets, I thought to myself.

“Where is the manager?” she asked, getting huffy.

“You are looking at her.” I wonder will Tray take me?

“I can't believe the poor customer service here.” That did it.

“Listen, Selah, or whatever your name is. I'm going to give you a little piece of advice. I know you are only renting that movie because you are dating Bill Compton. Just to let you know, he only likes that movie because his ex--- ya know her, Sookie---likes the movie. He still is in love with her, won't get over her, and using you as a temporary blood-sack fuck, hoping that Sookie will take him back. When that happens, you will be a distant memory, a regrettable one, but it will be distant.”

She let out a growl, and stomped out. Heh, bye bitch!

Oh damn, I forgot to put in the video order for the store. I found a sticky note. Judging by some of these titles, we are starting to cater to the vampire community, mostly porn. This should be interesting, I thought as I picked up the phone to call. I hope they're still open. Great Gary, the video guy answered.

“Hey, Gary, this is Amelia over here at Grabbit-Kwik Video in Bon Temps. I need to place an order. You won't believe this list.” I started cracking up, snickering.

Ding! (Bell on the door)

I spotted a customer coming in, an old lady., She kinda reminded me of my Nana Bert. I have fond memories of her. She introduced me to the magical plant {wink}.

Switching my attention back to Gary on the phone, “Okay are you ready? Suck My Bloody Cock Pt. 1 & 2, Lesbian Love Vamp Style, Fang-gang-bang, Cum On Me Bloody, the 3-D version (That's some sick shit, I thought to myself)…”

The old lady came to the counter.

“Hold a sec, Gary,” I said, turning the phone away from my ear. “Yes ma'am, how can I help you?”

“Yes, I was looking for Casablanca, and I noticed it wasn't over there. Did someone take it out?” she inquired

“Well, the last person that checked it out never returned it. I'm on the phone with the distributor. I'll add it to this order,” I told her reassuringly. I put the phone back to my ear, checking that he was still there.

“Gary, I have some more videos to order. Okay, ready? Blood Bag Swapping, Bloody Bitches, Bite Deez Nutz, Fang-a-licious, Snatch My Bloody Pussy, Bloody Nut Sacks, Deep Throat with Fang, Bambi, Casablanca.”

I glanced at the old lady who still stood there as if she was trying to get my attention. I placed the phone receiver on my shoulder, looked back at her, and asked "Yeah?" smacking my gum.

"Ask the young man if he has "Geriatric Gang Bangers Pt 5."


Dead Clerks Chapter 1

This is a one-shot, while I continue working on the sequel for “Deadly Decisions”. The characters again belong to not only Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball, but also Kevin Smith. If you have never seen Clerks, I highly recommend. Again using AB's version of Tara. Reviews and critiques are still welcomed. It will only help me to become a better writer.

Dead Clerks


Chapter 1

I drifted off to sleep after another a hot session of lovemaking with my Viking, in my living room while watching one of Amelia's favorite movie called “Clerks” (she is such a Kevin Smith fanatic). I remembered Eric told me he enjoyed watching me sleep, and often wondered what did I dream about...

My dream for some reason it's in black and white. Instead of working at Merlotte's, I'm working at the Grabbit-Kwik convenience store. Amelia, wearing a tattered looking Sex Pistols t-shirt and equally ragged pair of jeans, with a baseball cap on her head, was sitting in the corner on the stool behind the counter with me reading the newspaper, smacking her gum.

"Looks like the fucking FoTs are at it again, Sook" raising her head up looking at me, bouncing her leg against the leg of the stool, "Fucking bastards." she muttered. She folds up the paper and tucked it under her arm, and jumped over the counter and landed one her feet with ease.

"Let me go ahead and open up the video store next door, before fuckers start bitching." before she sauntered out, I notice the clock read 6p. She stopped at the door, when she heard me, "Hey you were suppose to open at 9a." frowning at her with disappointment. Leaning against the door, still smacking that gum, giving me that who gives a damn look, she replied with a shitty smile, "I was on break, geez." I reminded her the shop closed at 9p. She shrugged, still had shitty smile, plastered on her face, "Sooks always the responsible one, don't you remember when we went to junior college, I took up a course there, Slacker 101? I'm utilizing those skills, by implementing them in real life. Buh-bye" chuckling as she leaves out. Then realized she never paid for the paper. Bitch!

Ding! (Bell on the door)

I glanced up. Customer came in, knew he was a vamp, due to the pale skin tone, yet he looked strangely familiar, like a singer. He walked back towards the freezer, thought he was going to grab a six pack of True Blood, then he set it back down, reached for another six pack of True Blood, does the same thing again. After observing this for all of 10 minutes, I approached him. Strangely I didn't fear him, was just mildly curious. “Excuse me sir”, tapping on his hunched down shoulder, “May I help you with something,” fixed him with my friendly smile. He gave me a sideways glance, replied in a very familiar voice, had a southern twang to it, “Naw, l'il missy. I'm fine. Just checking the expiration dates on the bottles, before I decide to buy, that's all” I lean over a little, “Well let me know if you need help okay”, he returns back to his self-appointed task “True Blood Inspector, Badge #411”, I figured what he was doing was harmless enough, strange but harmless. As I headed back to go behind the counter, situating items that were out of place, setting them back to rights so to speak, I heard loud yelling outside the store door. Recognizing the voice, I already knew who that was.


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"Writer's Fuck" a.k.a. "Writer's Block"

I've notice lately whenever you come up with a creative thought, and try and transpose it on paper, and by the time you look down, it looks like utter gibberish. When you try and decipher it, have more intelligible phrases or words for what you are trying to express, and it still comes out crap; that my friends is called "Writer's Fuck"

Because by that time, when you are trying to figure out what the hell, it starts turning into What The Fuck.

I currently have 4 stories going, 2 are side stories,1 is a one shot, and the last one is the sequel. Yet, again due to my absence of the English vocabulary, I'm somewhat stuck. Hopefully I will be able to find a cure before this week is out, because having writer's fuck, really sucks!!!!

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Deadly Decisions

All characters belong to Charlaine Harris. The character Tara, that version belongs to True Blood. Please don't sue.

Deadly Decisions

“Okay, Sookie Stackhouse, you can do this”, muttering to herself, as she pulls up in her late model Malibu. She had finally gotten the courage to do this. There was no turning back now. She heads to the employee entrance, to avoid the friday mob at the main, and knocks. An attractive blond female vampire wearing a black halter to with matching skirt, blond tresses cascading over her shoulders.

“Ah, Sookie, as always a pleasure” Pam smirks.

Pam is Eric's second in command and co-owner of Fangtasia, a vamp bar. I follow her in, she asks over shoulder.

“Just getting off from work I see” casually taking in my Merlotte's uniform, as we were heading towards Eric's office. Eric Northman, is the Sheriff of Area 5, 1000+ year old vampire Viking, with whom I've had conflicting feelings about.

“No longer I thought to myself”, its been several weeks almost 6 months, since I last spoke to him face to face. He wanted to discuss about his revelation of the events that transpired when he had amnesia due to a witch's curse named Hallow, that fateful night changed everything.I found him running in the same direction I take to go home. He was scared and frightened, so I took him in, and friendly companionship evolved into the physical, before we went to battle with Hallow and her crew he offered to give up everything, to come live with me, make love to me every night, and get a job. That last part was laughable at best, but I knew in my heart, it would never be. I was always physically attracted to him, I mean what healthy warm blooded woman wouldn't. Eric is 6'4 in stature, broad shoulders, extremely muscular physique, long blond hair which brushed his shoulders, and he had those piercing blue eyes, which rocked me to the core. Once his memories of our time together surfaced he wanted to talk about it. No, I “chicken shit” Stackhouse came up with excuses, and then with him being tied up constantly with the new King, he must've gave up. He stopped calling and even sending messages through Pam. So, I decided to purge him from my system once and for all. I rescinded his invitation, I grabbed a box and gathered up everything he gave me, I even took out a mortgage loan to also repay him back. He had did some minor updates to my house, then discovered he paid for all my hospital bills. Oh yes, Sookie wasn't going to give Mr. Northman, and chance to lord anything over her.

Once we entered his office, I could smell faint traces of his scent. Pam inquired about the box, as I plunked it down on his desk.

“I'm just returning items he gave to me, as well as this...” handing her an envelope, Pam arcs an eyebrow.

“What's this?”

“It's a check. I'm reimbursing Eric for all of his financial assistance in the past” while Pam opens it and looks at the amount, then looks at me with a fleeting stunned look.

“This is a lot of money Sookie, how did you pray tell come across this amount?”

“It doesn't matter how, I'm here to settle my debt.” spinning on my heel, I reached for the door.
Pam states with a dry inflection in her tone,

“You know Eric will be displeased once he returns back from Vegas.”

Half turning my head,

“He's no longer my problem”, I tried to say with conviction, failing miserably, my cool resolve, slowly cracking.

“He cares for you deeply” Pam said softly.

I spun around, taken by surprise, Pam of all people would explain to a mere human her Master's feelings. I had to shove that mentally aside, remember stay firm.

“I care as well, but I need more, I feel I deserve that. Eric only cares about Eric, and he is totally incapable of expressing such an emotional attachment, especially to a mortal.” I knew I was being unfair when I said that, but I had to be tough.

“As a matter of fact, while speaking on this subject, I'm also relieving both of you from further contractual obligation in regards to my safety”

Pam was in front of me in a vamparic second.

“That order came straight from King Felipe, after you rescued both of them from Siegbert. It's non-negotiable” sensing my increasing defiant mood.

“I will however will make concessions where it will be just I providing the protection, but there is no guarantee of that either, once Eric get wind of this”

Walking out the door. Sookie silently tells Pam thank you and leaves. Staring blankly at the door; Pam reaches for her cell, speed dials a number,

“Time for you to execute whatever plans you have, the game just changed”

Chapter 2

A few weeks passed. Normalcy was slowly returning back to may life. I shed a few tears, even was a little despondent, but it slowly passed over the past weeks. Merlotte's was somewhat slow tonight, while I was filling the salt shakers at the end of the bar, I felt a powerful surge of lust, made me fall out off the bar stool. I knew it wasn't from my end, I wasn't getting laid. Damn blood-bond!!!I knew that son of a bitch, didn't care about me—FUCKING BASTARD!!!!I yelled. The floodgates opened up and I was crying uncontrollably, sobbing hard on the floor. The few customers that were there, didn't know what to make of the situation. Sam, my boss, carried me back to his office. He cradled me in his arms, rocking me back and forth.

“It's okay Sookie, let it out”
I cried out even harder, I was inconsolable, it felt like a blade was slicing my heart in half. I tried to convince myself that I was better off not having Eric in my life, but I allowed myself to tell that comforting lie for so many weeks. The thought Eric was pleasuring himself with someone else, made my insides turn, and not in a good way. Bill, my ex-boyfriend (also a vamp, I know I need to seek help), who deceived me, raped me, never made me hurt to this extent. Speaking of the devil, Bill materlizes in the doorway. He rushed to my side.

“Sookie, what's wrong?” eyes full of sadness, concern, and confusion.

He looks up at Sam.

“She just broke down all of a sudden, I haven't the foggiest, can you take her home?”, looking down at me with the same look.

Bill nods and scoops me up in his arms. I felt so numb I didn't even notice him sitting and buckling me up in his car. I notice while we were driving, we weren't going in the direction to my house.

“Where are we going Bill?” my voice cracked full of hurt and heart wrenching pain.

He glances in my direction and reaches for a handkerchief from his pocket and hands it to me.

“I was instructed to pick you up and bring you to the airport, all will be explained once you reach your destination.” said in a cryptic tone.

Oh great, I bet the King is summoning me to use my telepathic abilities, then the flying of limbs, blood and carnage will ensue just fucking fantastic! Damn vampires! We drove in silence till we reached the airport in Shreveport, he brought the car to a stop in front of a lear jet. My eyes widen in astonishment, and a bit pissy.

“I'm not flying alone, besides why would King Felipe need me now?”

Bill gave me a questioning look,

“King Feliepe no longer holds Louisiana, as part of his sovereignty we have a new king. Besides you won't be flying alone” pointing towards the plane. Then I saw Tara and Amelia waving at me.

“What's going on Bill?” increasingly suspicious by the minute.

Smiles reassuringly,

“The new king heard of your heroism for our kind, and since you were never properly reimbursed for your services under Queen Sophie-Anne and King Feliepe, he deemed you required, some R&R, as you humans say. To avoid you from being lonely he summoned your friends to join you.”

Then Bill gazed at me, not with the normal longing, but with contentment. Almost like he had finally came to the realization, that all we can be is just friends. Giving me a chaste yet tender kiss on my forehead, with vamparic speed he helps me out of the car, always the Southern gent.

“I have no suitcases, I have nothing packed, do I need a passport...” I rambled
Bill chuckles

“Sookie, everything has been arranged and taken care of, all you have to do is board the plane, your friends are waiting” nodding in the plane's direction.

I ran for the plane, climbing up the stairs, I turn around to wave goodbye to Bill, the lady closes the plane door behind me. Tara and Amelia are jumping up and down with excitement. I'm still somewhat bewildered by the whole chain of events. Amelia though shakes me out of my befuddled thoughts, and helped me realize, we are on a lear jet flying to god knows where, free grub in the fridge, champagne, and a high-end stereo. So as giddy ass girls, we raided the fridge, drank a lot of champagne and danced our asses off. The alcohol finally wins over after a few hours, I reclined the chair, grabbed a blanket and shifted my head in the direction of the window, before my eyelids close, I thought I caught a glimpse of a form flying outside...with blond hair? Nah! That's just the champagne. I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

I must've been exhausted. It took both Tara and Amelia to wake me, they said I slept for almost 12 hrs. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, stretching, I asked them were we there yet. They both nodded, grinning like Cheshire cats, I looked out the window. I swung around and looked back at them with disbelief,

“Get the heck outta here!”my southern accent very pronounced.

Even though it was late in the evening, lights were light around the Acropolis, I knew we were in Athens, Greece. I remembered that from studying about it from high school. We all jumped around, hugging each other, after that we had to return to our seats, while the plane was trying to land. Anticipation was in the air, a million thoughts were flying in my head. When the door to the cockpit open, the stewardess unlocked the stairs, I had a sinking feeling this was going to be more than just a pleasure trip. Pam looking like a suburban soccer mom, with her pink short sleeve blouse, with matching form fitting skirt, was standing by a black stretch Hummer, waving at us.

“Welcome ladies to Athens, Greece” giving us a fangy grin. Oh shit.

Our limo pulled in front of a gorgeous hotel in downtown Athens, the hotel doorman opened up our door, and led us out. Another hotel employee greeted us, told us welcome to the Parthenian Grand Hotel. It was grand all right, and I was simply under dressed. We were showed to our rooms, Tara and Amelia were on one floor, apparently Pam already had a room here. She informed us earlier that this hotel was “supe-friendly”. Then George, the hotel guy, showed me to my room which was on the top floor, the presidential suite he said.

“Since you are a revered guest of the King, it was befitting for you, normally this room is reserved for our most prestigious guests humans and vampire alike” after he handed me the key card he left.

I walked in a daze, saying “wow” to everything. Peered in one room saw a gigantic bed, which was begging to be jumped on, so I ran in the room, and jumped up and down like a kid, then I saw the terrace, which overlooked the Acropolis. I jumped off the bed and ventured onto the terrace, and was taking in the view, it was so breath taking, I only wished my Gran was here to see this. Then someone knocked on the door, I heard the ladies yelling for me to open up. I ran to the door, opened it, and dramtically flung my arm up,

“Welcome to paradise” grinning from ear to ear.

Amelia, Tara, and Pam filtered in. Tara and Amelia was awestruck by the room as they came in, Pam shrugged like it was no big deal.

“Sookie, since the King was aware that you had no clothes, he already supplied them for you”, and walked over to the walk in closet, and saw there were several outfits.

It was a nice mixture of dressy to casual clothes in there. I bet Pam picked these, since our tastes are so similar, but I didn't say anything. Since we already slept on the plane we were too wired to go to bed, and it was still relatively early. Pam suggested a nightclub not far from the hotel, that was owned by a friend of hers, named Dimitri. Since I liked to dance, they play a lot of hippty hoppity music, as she puts it. Tara smirked. Amelia decided that everyone should meet back in my room with their stuff to get ready, told them I will have room service for them waiting by the time they get back so everyone could eat before getting dressed.
A platter of hot wings, fries, a bottle of champagne, and two top shelf version of True Bloods later, we were in the bathroom scrambling. Curling irons, crimping rods, make-up, then I heard an expletive from Amelia about a run in her hosiery. Pam told her that she had an extra pair, then in vamparic speed she returned with the spare. Tara complaining about a few of her braids coming a loose. I quickly assist her. Once the girly chaos ceased, we all admire the finished product in the mirror. Tara looked exceptional, here braids were pulled up on top of her head and spilling down, she used crimping rods to make them wavy. She was wearing a simple black halter jumpsuit that hugged her curves and complimented her naturally dark brown complexion, but flared out. Amelia looked amazing, a royal blue spaghetti strapped dress where it was very low in the back. Oh yeah, she will have both male and female admirers tonight, Pam included. Pam looked like a true sophisticate. She chose a deep red (of course) silk blouse with bell sleeves, then paired the look with a pair of black full legged slacks, had a antique looking choker around her neck. She pulled her long blond hair into a tight bun in the back of her head, but had some had some curly tendrils falling around her face. I decided to be saucy tonight, I found a black dress with beaded fringes all over, attached tie top halter with chrome like rings, so it would add an extra shimmy to my hips, the front had a cowl neck that dipped to still showed my girls.

“Oh wait!” Pam exclaimed, vamparic speed of course, she comes back with a small camera, sets it up on the bathroom counter.

“I read this in Dear Abby, it's good to take a picture for nostalgic purposes” then Pam really got caught up in the moment

“Everybody say bloody whores” then she gave a full fangy smile and we gave our pearly whites.


It's Like That – Mariah Carey

I swear it felt like a scene from a music video. Once we pulled up, very attractive valet guy, opens our door on the limo, we all venture out onto the red carpet entering into the club. We all go in, noticed how huge it was, that there was three big levels of dance floors. Then I felt my inner Mariah come out.
I couldn't sing a lick, but I sure could dance. I spun around and started lip-synching at the girls, shimmying while walking. I knew they were looking at me like I lost my mind. My favorite song of her's was blasting

I came to have a party
Open off the Bacardi
Feeling so hot tamale
Boy, I know you watch me so what's it gonna be
Purple taking me higher
I'm lifted and I like it
Baby, come and get it if you're really feeling me

Then two guys came out of no where, and lifted me up and put me on the bar. I should've been afraid, but I wasnt. Sookie Stackhouse, reserved, insecure was now replaced by Mariah, but with Shakira and Britney in my hips.

Cause it's my night
No stress, no fights
I'm leaving it all behind
No tears, no time to cry
Just making the most of life

The ladies were in the front observing my show, still lip synching with me, but laughing and dancing.

Everybody is livin it up
All the fellas keep lookin at us cause
Me and my girls on the floor like what
It's like that ya'll (that ya'll), that, that, that ya'll

Once the song was over, I hopped off the bar, and hugged my girls. Laughing, hi-fiveing, the feeling of sisterhood made my heart swell. We headed back to the bar chatting amongst ourselves, checking out the cute guys, drinking multiple drinks. Then mine and Tara's song came on.

Get Up – Ciara feat. Chamillionaire

Tara grabbed my hand while I was downing my gin & tonic, headed back to the dance floor. She gave me that knowing look. Though I'm st ill a country girl to my heart, due to Tara's influence, I have an appreciation for some rap music. Some objectified women in a negative light, unfortunately, if it has a good beat, my hips and my ass, are already seduced. One day when this video on MTV this song came on, and Tara and I made up a dance routine to it. I guess we are going to do our moves live. Once the crowd on the dance floor realized what we were going to do, they moved and gave us room. Combination of timed kicks, gyrating hips, popping our bodies simulating a heartbeat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pam and Amelia cheering us on. Tara and I started snaking our bodies around each other to the beat. We imitated a few of the moves from Ciara's video, but added some of our own.
Then two gorgeous Greek guys attempted to dance with us. Tara and I looked at each other shook our heads turned our attention and pointed to them. Then we bump and grinded against them, backed away, they took the hint and did a suggestive dance at us. We started laughing, they are trying to challenge us. I'm a good dancer, but Tara is always on top of the latest dance moves and teaches me, quick study here. We gave them a bored look, once they were done. Tara snaked her body did a move similar to the Matrix move, leaning far back as possible, then I snaked underneath her and waved at them, feigning a look of innocence. Our moves on the dance floor had gotten us a loud applause. The cuties gave up. We jumped up and down giving each other hugs and walked off the dance floor. Amelia was alone at the bar, I asked her where Pam was, said something about a phone call, she shrugs. We were all still there, I think I was working on my...hell I had no idea how many gin & tonics I had.
Pam returned with a sneaky look on her face,

“The King is here and would like for you to join him in his private box upstairs, follow me”

Chapter 6

I tried to keep up with Pam, snaking through the crowd, was almost a difficult task. Then we reached the elevator, she used a key to unlock it, but she didn't come on it with me, she pressed a button on the inside, as the doors were closing, Pam was giving a full fanged grin, waving. I had a very sneaky suspicion, something was afoot. This whole evening was a possible set couldn't be...I havent heard anything in the vamp grapevine...I have been out of the loop though.


Elevator stops...doors open...stepping off....candles illuminating in an already darkened room...tinted windows...blood red roses strewn...champagne chilling...soft music...What the hell!!!Before I had a chance to say anything, big strong arms encircled my waist from behind, familiar scent. Oh damn! I slowly turn around, tilted my head up, and even in a candlelit room, I knew those clear crystal blue eyes, which were sparkling down at me. He still made me weak in the knees after all this time.

“Lover, nice to finally spend that quality time” leaning down giving me a kiss on my cheek,
“Now we can have that talk”

I struggled out of his arms, surprisingly he let me go, spun around and glared at him. God he looked yummy, wearing blue silk shirt which really showed off his muscular definition and he matched the look up with a pair of black dress slacks. I'm thinking he must have boxers on, he wouldn't dare go commando....Wait a minute...I'm suppose to be outraged! His eyes slid slowly, down my body

“I observed you on the dance floor, you are such a free spirit out there, hence one of the things that attracted me to you. Tonight you were truly impressive, lover.” still smiling.

Still glaring, sarcasm dripping from lips, giving him a half-ass bow

“It was an honor to entertain you, King” sneered when I said King. I'm totally sober now. He could sense I was pissed, apparently he ignored my tone, still trying to be friendly

“Come sit, we have much to discuss” leading me to a red velvet couch in the corner. We sat down, I refused to look at him, still didn't deter him from speaking and trying to engage me with those blue eyes of his.

“Lover, I first would like to apologize for taking so long to have this conversation with you.” turning away looking down, holding his hands together, smirking a little

“It took a lot for me to not see you, so as you humans, say I threw myself in my work. You already know I was politically connected, and I had other businesses to run.” he glanced back at me, saw my stony profile, and stood up, sauntered over to the tinted windows staring out, hands in his pockets.

“The King was pleased with my work, and since he grew weary running so many states and he didn't trust Victor, he offered me this opportunity. I accept it, knowing deep down I never wanted to be King,
I took it knowing, I would have a better chance of ensuring your safety.” turning from the window, he squatted so that he was eye level with me, even though my eyes were still looking down.

“I was missing someone at my cornation, lover”, his crooked finger, raising my chin, then brought his hand down to settle on my knee, “I was missing my Queen.”giving me a thoughtful half-smile. A looked away, fidgeting with the fringes on my dress, feeling extremely uncomfortable. He sighs, then straightens up, shoving his hands back in his pockets, reaches for his goblet taking a sip, sets it back down, glances back at me.

“Lover, in order for me to maintain my existence, I relied on my self-preservation skills. So, what you said before, that Eric only cares about Eric, you were correct in your assumptions...except something had changed. I start caring for a very stubborn, exasperating, prideful, beautiful, giving telepathic barmaid.” he walked back to the window.

“Then Pam called me, you returned everything I gave you, including the money. Later I discovered you took out a mortgage loan, putting yourself in further debt. I realized the magnitude of your act, because you value that home. I had no idea, to what extent, you were willing to go to erase me from your life. I thought you hated me, regretted the bond. So I cut the tie, to avoid causing you further pain.”

I'm realizing that I still haven't went into a rant yet, but I just couldnt, I had to listen to everything he had to say, because he wasnt finished. We've been separated for months, maybe this is his time to finally clear the air. I still ached to touch him, but I sat there like a statue, not sure of anything now. He continued.

“One night when I was cleaning out my office, I saw an old picture of you, it must have fell out of your purse. It looked like you were at a club with your friends, you looked so sexy. I just stared at it, and surprisingly even from a picture you aroused me” then he said over his shoulder with that Eric smirk

“Let's just say, I will require another one, preferably a nude photo.”

I stood up to stand by his side and balked,

“For the record...Ewww” he started chuckling

He turned completely around, and I gasp when I saw he had bloody tears running down his face. I felt like a cold hearted bitch. He ran his hand through my hair, looking down at me eyes full of emotion, and I leaned into it, I cup his face in my hands, using my thumbs to wipe away his tears.

“Sookie, my life isn't complete without you in it.” then he gently pulls away, and kneels and produces a small black box, opens it, my eyes widen. It was a big diamond solitare engagement ring.

“Though my heart has no beat, this ring is a symbol of my heart, please will you cherish it as my wife and my queen, and in return will let me cherish yours.” his eyes were sparkling with so much love and hope

Then I forgot how to breathe, kept gasping for air, then I felt myself falling, darkness took over. I must've not been out that long. My eyes fluttered open, saw Tara, Amelia, Pam, and Eric, standing over me.

“I told you Eric, it was too soon to spring all that on her” Pam scolded, Eric arched an eyebrow at Pam, I guess to remind her who's boss, then Eric returned his attention back to me, lifting me up and holding me,

“Lover, are you okay?” his eyes full of concern

I still felt pretty light-headed. Tara gave me a glass of water, taking a few sips I handed it back to her. All of a sudden it all hit me, my eyes darting around the room,

“You knew!!” pointing my fingers at the culprits. Tara never one to be cowed, while Amelia gave me a sheepish look

“Yeah we knew. Hell even that son of a bitch Bill knew. Damnit Sookie, that man loves you and you love him” I tried to protest.

“But what about dating, you know there is an order on how stuff like this goes.” folding my arms across my chest. Tara plopped down beside me on the sofa

“Sookie you already slept with the man, and you weren't dating then” arching an eyebrow.

Good point.

“I had my reservations about him at first, ya know him being a vamp and all” giving a sideways glance at Eric

“No offense”

Waving his hand,

“None taken.”

She returned her attention back to me, holding my hands, in my lap

“Everytime I spent the night at your house, you were always talking about Eric. How different he was from Bill, wondering why he would be interested in you, blah blah. Well I got sick of hearing it, so me and Amelia went down to Fangtasia, and we had a very interesting talk with Eric. At first he wasn't forthcoming, but when Pam came in the office, he spilled the beans. He thought you didnt care about him, we informed him you were just being pigheaded and scared, especially after Bill and Quinn. Around that time he already accepted the King thing” Tara put her arm around me, my head was laying on her shoulder, as she was rocking me

“He even explained how much it wanted to make it official between you guys, he didnt want you as his girlfriend, but something more serious” giving Eric a smile.

I finally found my voice, after soaking all this in

“It's happening so fast.” shaking my head, feeling uncertain. Amelia crouched down, looking at me

“Listen silly Sookie, enough time has already passed, why waste it, when you can be happy.”grinning up at Tara

Still trying to wrap my head around this whole turn of events

“Me queen? What does a queen do?” my thoughts were swirling a mile a minute.

“I'm pretty sure you could “wing it”, if you can survive a witch war, being shot at, stabbed, I'm confident, you will make an awesome queen.” Amelia reassuringly stated

I peered back at my Viking, who was doing that silent communication with Pam, he felt me staring at him and returned my gaze.

“Are you sure about this, Eric? I don't want to embarrass you”

“I've never been more certain. I'm ridiculously in love with you, Sookie Stackhouse” he was grinning from ear to ear. Amelia and Tara moved out of his way, when he came towards me and kneeled down before me again, presenting the engagement ring. Tara and Amelia peered over his broad shoulders to gaze at the ring, and looked at one another, whispering “Damn!”

“Sookie Stackhouse will you do me the honor of being my wife as well as my queen? I will always honor and cherish you, but most of all put your first” blood tears slowly coming down his face. I put my hand to my chest, getting a little choked up

“Yes...Yes I will. I do love you Eric” he slips the ring on my finger and twirls me around the room. All the ladies were teary eyed.

For the first time in my life, I was genuinely happy. I had my closest friends to share this wonderful moment with me. Not only do I have my Viking back, but he will be my husband, and I will be his wife and queen, not bad for a telepathic barmaid from Bon Temps.

Screen freezes...credits roll

Chapter 7

Lights slowly come on in the private theater.

I had tears in my eyes, I was dabbing them out with a tissue gotten out of my purse. Eric gave me a sideways glance and scowled at me, then returned his eyes back to the theater screen

“What! I thought it was a good depiction of my book” huffed and folded my arms defensively, He was still silent, stoic even, so I nudged him with my elbow.


“You should've forwarned me lover. I would have left my cock at home. After watching that I feel like a pussy, I think I need that contraption that you use monthly, a tampon correct?” I gave him a shocked looked.

Tara, Amelia, and Pam down in front of us, guffawing, giggling and snickering. I threw popcorn at them.

“Eric the book was loosely based on our relationship.”

“Humph my new pussy is loose too. I feel like a $20 dollar whore at Mardi Gras. Lover, the actor portraying me looked nothing like me.” he replied grimly

“Yes he did, because I was there at the casting call and I...” oops, forgot possessive vampire husband at 12 o'clock, scared to turn, could already feel the heat from his blue eyes, which were currently blazing, I decided at that moment to study the tub of popcorn, it looked more interesting at this moment. He cruely snatches it, leaning over. I'm wincing a little bit trying to lean away from him

“Why were you there, Mrs. Northman...” he asked softly

Oh shit, the only time he would refer to me by my married last name, meant he was pissed. I tried to seek out reinforcements, but the giggling triplets all slid down in there chairs trying to hide...Bitches!!!
Ahh...use my feminine wiles, I lean into him, laying my head on his chest, stroking his thigh,

“Honey, I was only there making sure that whomever they casted for your role...met my expectations...I wanted it be perfect” batting my eyelashes at him. Oh shit, not buying, eyebrow arching. He sighs, pulls back, then looks down at me

“I'll let it go for now. Besides I want to have sex with you after we leave” then he turns back to me
“Speaking of that, where was the sex? Tara, Amelia, and Pam was not in that room when I proposed to you, and I didnt say all that sappy shit either. We were fucking, several times in fact, then after we went back to the hotel room, we were fucking there too” retorted in an exasperated tone, running his hand through his hair in aggravation. Giggling triplets resume their earlier actions. Arching an eyebrow at them, I focus back on my husband who is still peeved.

“Baby, remember Buena Vista bought the rights from my book, to make the movie, must be family friendly”

He gave me an incredulous look,

“Is there anyway I can just kill the director, he made this drivel and made me look like a pussy!”

Rolling my eyes, huffing,

“You can't kill him, you can sue him, but they already paid me” I roll my eyes over to him

“So you already received compensation for this emasculating monstrosity” I nodded then added

“Eric, he is a good director, and besides he was the same person that did Step Up” I explained

Tara turns around,

“Girl, I loved that movie, the man in there was fine and the dance moves were wicked” I glared down at her, she slowly turns back around. Of all the times to join in, where was she a few minutes ago.

Eric gave me another sideways glance, and folded his arms,

“Explains the unnecessary, dance sequence...that shit didnt happen either. The thing with Bill, that didnt happen either, he had you trapped in his car, and he was trying to convince you to not go on the trip. I grow tiresome of his continued insolence when it comes to you. If not for Pam, Bill would've been on a date with a nice wooden stake.” he said with a devious smile

Rolling my eyes, here we go again.

“I still can't believe I agreed to this, next time any major decisions will be done out of the bedroom”
he raised up out of the theater chair, holding his hand out to me to assist

“Remember when you had my dick in your mouth. I let you talk me into painting our safe room, in that horrid color” I slapped his arm, my face probably beet red now. Giggling triplets now out right holding their guts laughing at our verbal exchange.

“You said you loved it.” pouting, I grab the belt loops on his jeans as he leads me down the theater aisle
He turns smirking and snuck a kiss.

“I lied.” I smack his ass, while he is laughing. Then I return my glare to the giggling triplets

“What no comments about the movie” arching my brow

“Well now that you mentioned...” Tara pops up and follows us out, along with Pam and Amelia.
“I only have an issue with the person they selected to play me. Question am I light-skinned? No! I'm dark chocolate. You would've thought that they would've sought an actress at least with my skin tone. Hell they could've picked Lauren Hill, she was good in Sister Act. You would've thought after Halle & Denzel Hollywood would finally recognize” angrily retorts

Eric leans over, whispering in my ear,

“Oh shit! She's on her “everyone's a racist” tirade again” chuckling, then gives my earlobe a lick. I push him out the door, rolling my eyes

“C'mon ya'll lets go” as they all follow us out of the theater

“How come my character wasn't performing magic?...Ya know Wiccan is a well supported religion now” Amelia added

Chapter 8

That's what the hell I get for having a hobby. After being married to Eric and being the Queen of Louisiana for 5 years. Eric insisted that I quit my job, move to Shreveport, (thankfully both Tara & Amelia are renting my old house), and reside at the royal mansion. He wouldn't even let Pam hire me to work at Fangtasia, after she became Sheriff of Area 5. So, I decided to write a romance novel based on us. I mean after all it was his suggestion. I let Tara and Amelia read my manuscript once it was completed, they loved it and suggested I should hire an agent, seek a publisher. Since Eric was always traveling, going to meetings, rarely being at home, it was something to keep me preoccupied. So, I pursued this new venture of mine, unbeknownst to my dear wonderful husband, I never told him. I hired a great agent to represent me, his name is Ted Mcmillian. After he read my manuscript, he found a publishing house that was willing to publish my book. Claude even posed for the cover. When Eric, did finally find out...he was...okay he was beyond pissed off, I forget to take into consideration in regards to vampire politics, blah, blah, blah. We slept in separate rooms that night. When he calmed down, I told him I used a pseudonym, “Cookie Mann”and the title “Love Bites Hard” he told me the title sounded like a porno. I think he laughed over 10 minutes, he literally had blood tears coming down. Later, I explained to him that it would be a public relations dream, ya know help improve, human and vampire relations and all, he agreed. He was mainly hurt that I didn't want to share what I had done with him, then of course we fucked like banshees.

Who would've thought the book would become a best-seller. I went on book tours, which further separated me from my beloved husband. Yet, we did find interesting ways to still stimulate ourselves. Amelia taught me how to cyber, though we couldn't see each other in person, at least I could show him how much I missed him {wink}. Then Buena Vista bought the rights to make a movie based on my hobby. When it was released it opened at #2, behind a movies also based on a vampire love story...where their vamps glowed. In the words, from my girlfriend Tara,

“Ain't that about a Bitch!”

The End

If this becomes well received, I do have a sequel in the works :P

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My High School Graduation

I wrote this piece of composition for my English class when I was in college, eons ago. It's basically a sample of my writing, to get my juices flowing. After all it has been several years since I even took a pen to paper and expressed my creative ideals. I hope those who visits my blog will like it. I do have some Sookie & Eric stories in motion, but Eric just isn't cooperating :P

I was filled with such joyous anticipation, yet was a little fearful for what might lie ahead for me, as I endured the ride towards the end of my teenage years and the beginning of my young adult life---my high school graduation.

When we finally arrived at Mascoutah High School, I was constantly scanning the voluminous crowd, through the back seat window of my father's car, looking for my fellow classmates. As I stepped out of the car, my black patent leather heel had gotten slightly dusted from the gravel from the parking lot. I located a place for my parents to sit before the ceremony begins. My mother gave me a warm, loving hug, that had briefly "blanketed" my anxiety, yet when she pulled away I felt the nervousness creep in a little, as I realized that it was time for me to get prepared.

I approached my destination--the dining hall. My fears were well founded, because as soon as I entered it was total chaos. Flashes of light had briefly blurred my vision (mentally I realized I had my picture taken by a wise guy). When my vision returned, I saw girls "wrestling" with their caps sp that it wouldn't disturb their freshly coiffed hair. The fellows were making infantile efforts trying to tie or clip-on their ties. I made small talk, yet I was subconsciously debating what path I shall take. A career or college. Those were the two words that were being tossed back and forth like an endless volleyball match. A classmate shook my out of my reverie by telling me that I had to put on my cap and gown, it was almost time. She handed me the purple and white colored tassel, which in gold there was a number. A number which will forever be etched in my mind-'88. I clutched the tassel in such a vise-like grip the number was fully embessed in the palm of my hand.

I quickly composed myself and made a dash for "my" bathroom to don on my ceremonial garment. I opened the bathroom door which still that squeak in the hinges, it used to annoy me. I'm going to miss that sound. As my heels were clicking on the bleached washed tile floor, I was taking in the scenery. Mentally noting every aspect of this bathroom. Secrets, gossip, as well as, lit cigarettes were exchanged here. I walked into a bathroom stall, closed the door behind me, and licked it with a resounding click. I put on the gown and carefully eased on the cap so it wouldnt mess up my hair. I also made sure that the tassel was on the correct side. I unlocked the door and stepped out so that I can take on final glance at myself in the full length mirror. My make-up was impeccable done. The reddish rouge had perfectly accentuated my high cheekbones. My foundation was flawless; not even a glimmer of a shine. My eyes were shining from the purplish eyeshadow that had highlighted my best features--my eyes. Eyes that were at that time filled with a glimmer of hope, and a trace of melancholy. As I walk out of the bathroom, I took one last lingering look around. For a brief moment heard the sounds of pandemonium that echoed off these walls. Girls smoking, someone writing who loves whom on the bathroom stalls with a marker, the carefree laughter, tears that were shed due to teenage heartbreak or issues with their parents. I reached for the light switch and gave "my" bathroom a solemn goodbye as the bathroom was enveloped into darkness.

I finally arrived back in the dining room hall, where people were already assembled in their proper place in line. I was squeezed in between the nerdish salututorian and this girl I couldnt stand-Renee' Johnston. She was an attractive, petite black girl, who had naturally long black hair, and thought very highly of herself. She used to snub me with smart, catty remarks. Now she stood behind me in here ceremonial garb. She whispered to me without the usual cynical, sardonic tone, which was extremely surprising. "Good luck in life", she said. Before I had a chance to comment the music started. So, I proudly held my head high and was struck by a realization. This is my night, why ruin it by thinking about the unknown. I walked with pride and dignity onto the football field where our appointed seats were located.

I sat down on the hard, metal fold-out chair, waiting for the rest of the class to be seated. I crossed my sweaty legs (sweating due to my nerves), and folded my hands in my lap. Taking note of how ugly my nail-bitten hands were. The music had finally ended and the class of '88 were seated, eagerly awaiting for their name to be called, so that they can receive the paper that shows the four (5 or 6 for some) years of hard work, which they endured--that diploma.

We endured the long agonizing speech by our principal (who looked like Anthony Perkins from "Psycho", only shorter), Mr. Tate. His guttural voice continued to speak it seemed for hours, until I heard someone whispering my name. I made a futile attempt to locate the source. Then I heard it again, my eyes finally locked with the deepest ebony eyes that used to haunt my dreams at night--Kevin Washington. He was the epitome of what my Mr. Right should be. Tall, broad shouldered, extremely attractive, rugged facial features--sexy chocolate!!!He smiled at me with those pearly whites, and I returned a similar look in kind. It seemed to me that he was trying to say something, but I returned my attention back to the speaker. He was finally handing out the diplomas. The first row stood up, and I was observing the facial expressions of each student. Some were sad, some were anxious, and the last two appeared to be kind of stoned.

Then my row finally stood up, and when the speaker called my name I heard the applause from the audience and from my fellow class. My usually steady hands were now shaking, as soon as I held the leather bound casing which had the school name etched in gold. I returned back to my seat, I opened it up, my mind was still in disbelief because of that was now on my hand. I looked down with bated breath and saw it with my own two eyes. There it was in calligraphy writing my full name, right below, it said diploma. The speaker finally announced the following phrase, "I now present to you the Class of 1988". Everybody simultaneously threw their caps in the air.

This is it I said to myself, as I wiped the sorrowful tears from my eyes. It's time to close this chapter of my life and start a new one. Even though I will still have fond memories of high school, this night in particular, shall always be engraved in my mind forever.

The End

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Entry

This is my first time blogging, as people call it. I guess I thought I would try something new for the new year, but having a way to not only express myself, but also, share my literary passion. Yes, I am a Sookie Stackhouse & True Blood fanatic. When the withdrawl went into affect, due to True Blood going on hiatus, and waiting for May to come for Charlaine Harris next book, I earnestly scoured the internet, and came across my new addiction, fan fiction!!!!

Now I devour that website, because there are like minded inviduals such as myself, who have became enthralled with Mrs. Harris' world. I came across such wonderful literary interpretations, of her work, that it got my old creative juices flowing. Somewhat rusty, after all, I've been suffering from writer's block for over 10 years, but now I feel a bit energized.

Composition aside, I have so many ideas, and I hope I come across more likeminded indivduals, who visits here, who wouldn't mind sharing their work, as well as, giving one another ideas about which direction not only the literary work should go, but also the television show.