Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My High School Graduation

I wrote this piece of composition for my English class when I was in college, eons ago. It's basically a sample of my writing, to get my juices flowing. After all it has been several years since I even took a pen to paper and expressed my creative ideals. I hope those who visits my blog will like it. I do have some Sookie & Eric stories in motion, but Eric just isn't cooperating :P

I was filled with such joyous anticipation, yet was a little fearful for what might lie ahead for me, as I endured the ride towards the end of my teenage years and the beginning of my young adult life---my high school graduation.

When we finally arrived at Mascoutah High School, I was constantly scanning the voluminous crowd, through the back seat window of my father's car, looking for my fellow classmates. As I stepped out of the car, my black patent leather heel had gotten slightly dusted from the gravel from the parking lot. I located a place for my parents to sit before the ceremony begins. My mother gave me a warm, loving hug, that had briefly "blanketed" my anxiety, yet when she pulled away I felt the nervousness creep in a little, as I realized that it was time for me to get prepared.

I approached my destination--the dining hall. My fears were well founded, because as soon as I entered it was total chaos. Flashes of light had briefly blurred my vision (mentally I realized I had my picture taken by a wise guy). When my vision returned, I saw girls "wrestling" with their caps sp that it wouldn't disturb their freshly coiffed hair. The fellows were making infantile efforts trying to tie or clip-on their ties. I made small talk, yet I was subconsciously debating what path I shall take. A career or college. Those were the two words that were being tossed back and forth like an endless volleyball match. A classmate shook my out of my reverie by telling me that I had to put on my cap and gown, it was almost time. She handed me the purple and white colored tassel, which in gold there was a number. A number which will forever be etched in my mind-'88. I clutched the tassel in such a vise-like grip the number was fully embessed in the palm of my hand.

I quickly composed myself and made a dash for "my" bathroom to don on my ceremonial garment. I opened the bathroom door which still that squeak in the hinges, it used to annoy me. I'm going to miss that sound. As my heels were clicking on the bleached washed tile floor, I was taking in the scenery. Mentally noting every aspect of this bathroom. Secrets, gossip, as well as, lit cigarettes were exchanged here. I walked into a bathroom stall, closed the door behind me, and licked it with a resounding click. I put on the gown and carefully eased on the cap so it wouldnt mess up my hair. I also made sure that the tassel was on the correct side. I unlocked the door and stepped out so that I can take on final glance at myself in the full length mirror. My make-up was impeccable done. The reddish rouge had perfectly accentuated my high cheekbones. My foundation was flawless; not even a glimmer of a shine. My eyes were shining from the purplish eyeshadow that had highlighted my best features--my eyes. Eyes that were at that time filled with a glimmer of hope, and a trace of melancholy. As I walk out of the bathroom, I took one last lingering look around. For a brief moment heard the sounds of pandemonium that echoed off these walls. Girls smoking, someone writing who loves whom on the bathroom stalls with a marker, the carefree laughter, tears that were shed due to teenage heartbreak or issues with their parents. I reached for the light switch and gave "my" bathroom a solemn goodbye as the bathroom was enveloped into darkness.

I finally arrived back in the dining room hall, where people were already assembled in their proper place in line. I was squeezed in between the nerdish salututorian and this girl I couldnt stand-Renee' Johnston. She was an attractive, petite black girl, who had naturally long black hair, and thought very highly of herself. She used to snub me with smart, catty remarks. Now she stood behind me in here ceremonial garb. She whispered to me without the usual cynical, sardonic tone, which was extremely surprising. "Good luck in life", she said. Before I had a chance to comment the music started. So, I proudly held my head high and was struck by a realization. This is my night, why ruin it by thinking about the unknown. I walked with pride and dignity onto the football field where our appointed seats were located.

I sat down on the hard, metal fold-out chair, waiting for the rest of the class to be seated. I crossed my sweaty legs (sweating due to my nerves), and folded my hands in my lap. Taking note of how ugly my nail-bitten hands were. The music had finally ended and the class of '88 were seated, eagerly awaiting for their name to be called, so that they can receive the paper that shows the four (5 or 6 for some) years of hard work, which they endured--that diploma.

We endured the long agonizing speech by our principal (who looked like Anthony Perkins from "Psycho", only shorter), Mr. Tate. His guttural voice continued to speak it seemed for hours, until I heard someone whispering my name. I made a futile attempt to locate the source. Then I heard it again, my eyes finally locked with the deepest ebony eyes that used to haunt my dreams at night--Kevin Washington. He was the epitome of what my Mr. Right should be. Tall, broad shouldered, extremely attractive, rugged facial features--sexy chocolate!!!He smiled at me with those pearly whites, and I returned a similar look in kind. It seemed to me that he was trying to say something, but I returned my attention back to the speaker. He was finally handing out the diplomas. The first row stood up, and I was observing the facial expressions of each student. Some were sad, some were anxious, and the last two appeared to be kind of stoned.

Then my row finally stood up, and when the speaker called my name I heard the applause from the audience and from my fellow class. My usually steady hands were now shaking, as soon as I held the leather bound casing which had the school name etched in gold. I returned back to my seat, I opened it up, my mind was still in disbelief because of that was now on my hand. I looked down with bated breath and saw it with my own two eyes. There it was in calligraphy writing my full name, right below, it said diploma. The speaker finally announced the following phrase, "I now present to you the Class of 1988". Everybody simultaneously threw their caps in the air.

This is it I said to myself, as I wiped the sorrowful tears from my eyes. It's time to close this chapter of my life and start a new one. Even though I will still have fond memories of high school, this night in particular, shall always be engraved in my mind forever.

The End

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